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Traverlust Review

Traverlust review.
Disclaimer : I always let you guys know the background of my reviews, this one will be no different. I’m not charged the usual fees in exchange for a review (good or bad) on this site. I had nothing but good experience with them and everything in this post wasn’t affected by cloudy judgement!
While browsing a few travel posts, I came across this page in Facebook by Traverlust. Naturally I was curious. This is a company of 2 travelers who are dedicated to helping others find cheap ways of traveling.
Being a frugal traveller myself, I felt like I could related to them very well. Plus, the whole idea of 5feetroundtheworld was to write down the experiences I had in different places and how I saved money here and there so that you guys, the reader can benefit from it.
Being a cheapskate flier myself, I’ve do a lot to get the cheapest ticket possible. From researching different airport options, to adding a little land/sea transport in my journey etc.
And that’s exactly what Traverlust do. They do the research for you, so you save your time, in exchange for 10 Euros.
I needed to get a return flight to Cairo, and to be honest, there’s nothing much you can do to avoid flying into Cairo because the surrounding countries are like Sudan, Libya and Israel. Not countries that you would want to pass through when you’re a woman traveling alone, though I wish one day, I’ll be able to visit them. I was really exhausted of ideas as to how to reduce the cost. The cheapest flight combination I could find was RM2800 using multiple airlines, with 2 stopovers accumulating to 24 hours of travel one way.
So I gave Traverlust my details and in 48 hours, they found a flight for me with Kuwait Airways for a little over RM2400. One stopover.
Now that’s efficiency. The founder and CEO of Traverlust, Piotr Malek, communicated with me directly via email and he was quick to reply to whatever questions I had.
The fact that I’m dedicating an entire post to them would mean I’m satisfied, more than satisfied even with their service. Their fee is refundable if customers are not happy. They also provide a separate service for AIESEC students, an international volunteering body. I’m definitely getting back to them for other major trips I make.

Here’s their blog and they do have a Facebook page you can check out. I really hope this helps some people who are figuring out flights and itineraries for their trips :)

Happy planning.
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