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How much did it cost to backpack for 2.5 months?

This is a question that I know most people are curious of, but are to embarrassed to ask. Ask me! I actually enjoy watching the shock on people’s face when I declare the number.

RM8000.00. Eight thousand ringgit. Or roughly 2 thousand dollars. And I mean including airfares. 

Here’s a breakdown of my cost in USD


Airfare: 800USD (I booked a peculiar flight: KL-Amsterdam-Istanbul-Paris-KL-Chiang Mai-Bangkok-KL)

Travel Insurance for the whole year: 80USD. I use

Accommodation,food, fees and transport: 1000USD. Accommodation(dorms) in Turkey are generally expensive, but still cheaper that central Europe. Accommodation is Georgia however are dirt cheap. One of the cleanest, most comfortable 4-bed ensuite dorm was in Tbilisi at 2USD!


This is a ridiculously short post, but I just wanted to get the number out. I already have a post on How to book cheaper flight tickets , and sometime in the future, I’ll write about the ways I reduce cost while traveling comfortably (standards are not very high I admit) and safely.

Till then,



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