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In Their Shoes with James Burgess review.

Dachau is a well-visited concentration camp located close to Munich. While Dachau itself is a town on it’s own, and the camp just a part of it, James does an impressive job at explaining to you the history of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, the Republic and the camp itself. You really are getting a comprehensive detail of things, and James is a tour guide, who not only understands history, but has a emotional connection to it. 

The tour meets at the coffee shop beside the Burger King at the the main train station in Munich. I was 10 minutes early, but James was already waiting at the scheduled area. We left on time, and he led the way to the train. 

He was from Australia and went on Maria’s bike tour in Munich. He returned to Germany to work for the tour company (check them out here) and later started one of his own.

Right from then, he already started explaining about Adolf Hitler, someone who I both despise and admire, for his brutalness and his ability to persuade others. Those were his primary strength as a leader. 

Back to the tour itself, we were briefed about the life of the people during the Nazi’s reign, and this photo will forever be in my mind. It’s by dividing and conquering and labelling that Hitler manage to control and abuse people. There are a few things James said that I don’t think I’lol ever forget. For example, the homosexuals had to fight for their rights to be acknowledged as victims of the concentration camp. I wonder why such inequalities still exists till today!

James was also careful enough to make sure we stayed as a group on the bus and the train, so he could use the time and talk to us. When it was busy in one of the exhibition room, he made sure everyone in the room lowered their voices before continuing to explain things to us. Such was his dedication! 

All in all, the tour was conducted efficiently, and I learnt a lot from it. James was friendly but also professional and very approachable. The only problem I had was the sheer heat from the blazing sun, but it’s not like he could control the weather! Even for that, he tried getting us under the shade whenever he could, and always gave us plenty of time to rest in between. 

If you are visiting Dachau, give James a ring, he really knows what he’s doing! Click here for a link to his website. Since transportation is already included in his quote, I think the tour is extremely worth it!

Here are his quotations: 22€ for adults and 19€ for students (with student ID). 

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