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Polawalks Vienna Review!

I’ll start off by saying that out of all the photography tours I had, this is the most memorable. For sure. The idea of learning how to use a Polaroid camera, and speaking to a guide about getting your best shot, lighting and angle is a very different way to experience the city. 

On the day I signed up for the tour, it was raining and cloudy, and as the other person in the tour cancelled, I was the only one! My guide was Theressa (I hope I spelled that right) and she was amazing. Very witty, knowledgable and very flexible to what I wanted. 

The tour started at 4.30pm in front of the St. Charles Church (Karlskirche) and before anything else, I was taught on how to use a Polaroid. They do this at a university nearby with a place to sit.

Theressa also showed me some photos describing the many ways you can screw up your shot! Over exposing, under exposing, bad lighting, proportions and so many things more that you have to pay attention to. And off we went. She will point out to me a few places where she think the shot would be good, or give a bit of perspective on what to take. I knew I wanted a mixture of architecture and organic shots, and we did just that! 

I felt like I got good advise ( and some good photos from her suggestions) but she was never demanding the entire time. I felt like the eight films were mine, and I had full authority on how to use it.

An example of a photo that could be improved with better technique

A little history of the Polaroid was also given, and an introduction into the different films used. These were the films we used. You get 8 films for the entire tour, so spend it wisely! 

These are a few photos we took during the tour. I loved each and every one of these! 

This was the first one I took, suggested by Teresa

This one was very special. I had a few films leftover, and I kept seeing the orange sweater I had go along with my green scarf. Teresa didnt even laugh at me when I told her my idea, but even helped me take the photo!
There was a demonstration by the Turkish people when we were there.
I cannot recommend Polawalks enough if you’re in Vienna. It’s such a memorable way to look at the city, and definitely unique! They also have it in Warsaw,Poland and Graz, Austria. Click here to go to their booking page.

Snap away.



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