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Segway tour with Pedal Power in Vienna

I’m going to give a disclaimer right from the beginning that I’ve never been on a Segway before, so everything I’ve written is in excitement!

I took the Segway tour around Vienna which is such a wonderful way to see the city because it’s so big! Their office is located about 7 minutes by walk from Karlsplatz station.

 When I arrived, the people from the tour were already getting ready, and after a few questions (at which they found out that I’ve got no clue about how to handle a segway) we were off for lessons! The trick is to relax, and make sure your body is not tense. You will not fall, I promise! (at least I think so)

Some of the people were also seen speeding on the lanes with their segway tricks, but I guess it’s all part of the tour.

After a bit of instructions and a little information, off we went! At each stop, you can either get off your Segway, or stay on. Up to you! Our guide is extremely knowledgeable but equally sarcastic and funny. Expect to have a lot of fun and laugher.

 There will also be a point in front of Stephan’s Church when you have to go by foot because of the amount of people walking there. Our tour guide helped me drag the Segway across, which I thought was really thoughtful. 

All in all, the tour was something I really enjoyed. The first time experience on a Segway, the knowledge but funny guide and just the beautiful Vienna. This is not something you should miss out on! If you want to book the same tour that I did, click here.

You’ll have a wonderful experience I’m sure!



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