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5feet who?

5feetroundtheworld is a brainchild that I made last year when I started backpacking. This is my sanctuary where I write about my experiences, rant about things, give tips and tricks to save money for the next traveller, share my love for photography and a lot more.


Why did I start travelling?
I have never sat on a plane before the end of 2014, when I graduated from A-Levels. I have always been a nerd ( a PROUD one!) and I hardly got my face out of books. After getting my A-Levels results, I find that getting the best results all the time doesn’t give me joy anymore. I feel truly blessed for what I’m achieving academically, but I wasn’t completely happy.
At that time, I had the privilege of reading a few travel blogs, and i think it was about then the travel bug bit.

Here at 5feetroundtheworld, I tell people how to travel for cheaper, experience more, feel more and most importantly have fun.

Why travel solo?

It’s not that I hate travelling with people, it’s just that I make a lot of last minute random decisions. It’s hard to find a travel partner that’s as spontaneous! I have travelled with family and friends, and I enjoyed it. I have travelled with myself and I enjoy that as well. It’s a different kind of travel, and ever since then, I’ve been comfortable with travelling with me and myself.

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